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About Me

Hi! I'm Swathi Singh, a 22-year old who is:

  • A Biomedical Sciences graduate and total medicine geek

  • An artist and an extremely passionate photographer

  • A freelance graphic designer and branding professional

  • The creative head of a startup that increases financial literacy in women

  • The mind behind Better Planet Collective!

Clearly, I am passionate about several things in life -- however, my ultimate goal is to combine my creative skills and my knowledge to create impact in climate change mitigation and conservation. Having immersed myself in environmental, ecological, and climate studies/media since my childhood, I finally decided to advocate for these issues using my strengths -- research, design, and writing.


Better Planet Collective is an initiative I started in September 2019. The initiative aims to provide information to the general public, enabling them to make informed decisions as a consumer, to sign petitions that matter, and to be equipped with adequate knowledge for a better planet -- for us, and our fellow beings. 

Why I do it

"One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds"

- Aldo Leopold

Over the last few years, the most frequent emotion I have felt when I hear about the environment, animals, and our climate is despair, hopelessness, anxiety, and sadness. While some of us do feel sad about these issues, most of us are still programmed to turn a blind eye, pursue careers, make money, and participate in growing our economy.


I realized that if I wanted to make a difference in the issues I care so deeply about, I would channel the emotions I felt into  doing the least I could to change people's minds around me, and dissipate the knowledge I have gained since I was a child, to as many people as possible. 


School curriculums are devoid of ecological education -- but it is what our futures rely on.  I hope to learn more everyday, spread information, and add actionable points to each post, to get people to create some sort of change with a few taps on a mobile screen. 

My idols

George Monbiot

Environmental & Political
Writer and Activist

Paul Nicklen

Co-Founder, SeaLegacy
NatGeo Photographer

Cristina Mittermeier

Co-Founder, SeaLegacy
iLCP Fellow

Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland

UN Special Envoy for
Climate Change

Author, Climate Justice

Shawn Heinrichs

Founder, Blue Sphere Foundation
Lead Storyteller, SeaLegacy

Sir David Attenborough

Natural Historian

English Broadcaster